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2023 Travel Bucket List

2023 Travel Bucket List

Have you already created a 2023 travel bucket list?

Making a list of everything you want to do in life doesn’t have to wait until the ideal moment.

Life is finite and the world is vast. It’s now or never!

It’s time to start making travel plans for your 2023 travel bucket list as the New Year draws near. We are fortunate to live on a lovely planet with a wealth of breathtaking locations, so we will never run out of new places to visit. Want to know where the top destinations on earth are to visit? So, if you’re looking for some travel ideas for your upcoming trip, you’ve come to the perfect place! 

Here is a list of the most breathtaking places in the globe that you must see at least once in your lifetime that should be on your 2023 travel bucket list. These include lush tropical islands, majestic mountain ranges, breathtaking metropolises, fantasy little villages, and incredible natural wonders.

No matter which location you choose from this list, it will leave you speechless, I can guarantee it having personally visited many of these wonders.

Dream destinations around the globe for your
2023 Travel Bucket List

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some bucket-list places from around the world that you won’t want to miss. For more motivation, continue reading!

Let’s begin straight away!

1. South African Safari

The renowned African Safaris may be the first thing that come to mind when you think about Africa. Over 30 million people are estimated to go on safaris each year in Africa. These safaris offer the ideal chance to explore the distinctive and diverse fauna of the continent, get in touch with nature, and provide excellent opportunities for wildlife photography. 

While at its inception, safaris primarily pertained to the hunting of big game, which was done by African tribespeople going out hunting and dragging their prey overland. A safari today means something very different. Nowadays, the main goals of African safaris are to see wildlife and spend time in the outdoors.

2. Sailing across, Croatia

Croatia is an incredibly lovely nation. Everybody will find something to enjoy there, including beaches, historical sites, Roman ruins, and landscapes dotted with waterfalls. On the warm Dalmatian Coast, majestic cliffs soar above islands surrounded by azure water. It’s hardly surprising that many people dream of visiting Croatia with its coastline of fine-sand beaches, historic structures, and outstanding national parks.

 One of the most popular summer activities in Croatia is sailing along the Dalmatian coast to explore the many beautiful islands. As one who has travelled quite a lot, I would really suggest that island-hopping aboard a sailing boat, yacht, or catamaran should be at the top of your list of things to do while planning your summer vacation in Europe.

The beautiful new MV Adriatic King Deluxe Superior small cruise ship allows tourists to explore Croatia’s coastline with a small group of like-minded travelers. It was design for the 2021 season with cutting-edge technology and extensive amenities. This small cruise ship provides an intimate journey to some of the most popular spots along the magnificent Adriatic Coast due to their small size and limited passenger numbers. We are heading back to Croatia in 2023 so I definitely recommend having this destination on your 2023 travel bucket list!

Read this full post about Why Sailing Croatia should be on your bucket list for 2023 and get in touch to book your spot!

3. French Polynesia

The ideal environment for a tropical dream is French Polynesia.. It’s about the palm trees, crazy blue waters, fresh seafood and coconuts, lush rainforests, abundant marine life, beautiful reefs, and the most amazingly warm people and culture.

French Polynesia consists of about 100 islands and atolls spread throughout the South Pacific Ocean, roughly the size of Europe. As a result, while still serving you the usual tropical wonder, each island may cater to your vacation needs in a little different way. It takes around six hours to fly from Hawaii to the islands, which are about midway between Australia and South America.

Beach lovers will like the French Polynesia. It is understandable why many travellers visit the islands year-round given the chance to experience a genuinely magnificent tropical vacation. 

4. Petra, Jordan

The Jordanian nation is a stunningly untamed landscape with remnants of ancient civilizations and more current environmental reserves around. One of the many breathtaking Jordanian sites to see is the well-known city of Petra. This location, sometimes referred to as The Jewel of the Middle East, offers visitors a warm welcome that redefines the word hospitality. No trip to Jordan would be complete without stopping by the enchanted city of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World. 

To guarantee that these sites are protected for future generations, the majority of Jordan’s well-known tourist destinations enforce responsible travel policies. With the knowledge that you are assisting Jordan’s ecotourism initiatives, you can visit a number of breathtaking locations with ease.

5. The Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Why should Switzerland be on your 2023 travel bucket list? Let me tell you! Switzerland could be the most picturesque nation in all of Europe, particularly during the summer. There is something special about the turquoise lakes, the way the mountains are still covered with snow even on the hottest summer days.

Despite being a small country, Switzerland is teeming with natural beauty and some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. Many of Switzerland’s top tourist destinations are dominated by glaciers and towering alps, which total more than 200 summits that rise at 3,000 meters above sea level.

The alpine region offers iconic postcard landscapes that are worth seeing at any time of year, including crystal-clear alpine lakes, historic castles, and stunning mountain peaks in all directions. You may learn about a lot of Switzerland’s culinary tradition in the Swiss Alps. From national parks to famous Swiss landscapes, Switzerland offers some of the most stunning towns in the Swiss Alps.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands offers a fantastic cultural experience with its historic towns, music festivals, and many charming waterfront communities. Old brick structures, a rich history, a liberal culture, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites will win you over. You will fall in love with the Netherlands because it is amazing.

Amsterdam is without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. When traveling to the Netherlands for the first time, it is one of the best destinations to go. With its stunning architecture, flowing canals, and extensive history, Amsterdam is a well-known tourist attraction. 

Amsterdam certainly is a holiday destination with something for everyone because there is so much to do and see there. Even while Amsterdam has a reputation for being a party city and does have a significant party scene and coffee shop culture (which is very different from a cafe), the city offers so much more. 

There are numerous museums there including works by Van Gogh, Banksy, Rembrandt, Nemo and other famous artists. Amsterdam is also awash with historical landmarks, like the Anne Frank House, the Botanical Gardens, which date back to the 1600s, and regal structures like the Royal Palace in Dam Square. Due to the abundance of things to do and see, tourists may easily spend a week in the city. 

Some other beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands and Kinderdijk where you will get to see the beauty of the traditional dutch windmills and of course if you are there in the right season, the vast and magnificent tulip fields that are would make such a unique and unforgettable memory

7. Innsbruck, Austria

It would be nearly impossible to name every single breathtakingly lovely spot to visit in Austria since there are simply too many of them. Austria is the epitome of beauty, with its breathtaking Alpine peaks, glistening lakes, charming little towns, and beautiful capital city. Austria, a tiny country in the center of Europe, offers fantastic travel prospects despite its modest size.

Innsbruck, the former capital of the Hapsburg Empire and the current capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol, is a unique fusion of the ancient and the new. Innsbruck Old Town, with its Imperial Palace and chapel, feels like a town out of a picture book, but Wattens’ Swarowski Crystal World oozes modern ingenuity. 

The Nordkette Mountain Range, which guards Innsbruck, is a playground for adventurers. It is simple and quick to ascend to the Alpine playground, which provides breathtaking views, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and more. Additionally, you can dine and drink at the station Seegrube’s Cloud 9 Igloo Bar. The highest nightclub in the Alps which is located at 1,905 meters. I highly recommend Innsbruck on your 2023 travel bucket list!

8. Norwegian fjords cruise

A trip from Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords is a breathtaking journey that travels across the North Sea’s open waters and the country’s renowned dramatic, tight valleys. There are numerous cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, Cunard, and P&O Cruises, that travel to the Norwegian Fjords. Because you’ll probably cover quite a few miles of sightseeing in these locations, having a sea day before and after your time in Norway is ideal for enjoying the ship and relaxing. Some noteworthy stops on this trip are: Stavanger, Flåm, Olden and Bergen
Overall,  I wish that you enjoyed reading about all of these magnificent fantasy destinations and found some new travel inspiration in this article for your next vacation. I always love helping you make your 2023 travel bucket list become a reality, so please feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email  or an Instagram DM if you have any questions.
If you want to get started planning your trip to one of these destinations please contact me right away! I would love to help you.